The Children

The downloads will have no CC whatsoever.  I have stripped them of makeup, hair and eyelashes.  I only took care of their everyday wear.

TOS:  Do not alter genetics at all since they are on sliders.  Hair, eyes and skin color are allowed to be altered.  Don’t claim as your own.  Do not use as a Base.  You don’t need to link me if you use them, but I would love it if you did anyway 😀

SP’s:  All
EP’s: All
Skins:  Eskin Natural+Fawkes, Scattergenes, Kurasoberina (mostly starfruit iced)


Azure Studio #1: Hot-Headed, Easily Impressed, Ambitious, Adventurous, Loner, Bookworm
Skin: Eskin Natural+Light


Cinder Mirage #2: Cat Person, Artistic, Computer Whiz, Excitable, Good Irresistible.
Skin: Eskin Natural+Light

TS3 2016-06-28 12-22-14-45

Rose Blush #3: Eccentric, Grumpy, Angler, Brave, Hopeless Romantic
Skin: Eskin Natural+Light

TS3 2016-06-28 12-22-26-04

Lotus Blossom #4: Good, Friendly, Natural Cook, Workaholic, Couch Potato, Sailor
Skin: Fawkes – pink

TS3 2016-06-28 15-11-45-60

Hyacinth Zest #5 ( spare heiress): Adventurous, Great Kisser, Nurturing, Artistic, Ambitious
Skin: Fawkes – pink

Crispin Snowdrift #6

Amaryllis Ice #7

Orchid Slush #8 (heiress)

Cherry Freeze #9

Peach Blizzard #10

Huckleberry Glaze #11

Charmie #12

Chamomile #13

Taffeta Grace #14

Denim #15