Chapter 1.10: Vito Pinkpants

TS3 2016-07-07 11-52-12-90

Happy New Year! (LMAO! I started this updated in July 2016, came back in January and now it is March). I did not necessarily forget about these guys, I just sort of had a million other things going, like completing my ISBI, Fallout 4, FFXIV, FFXV, DA:I, Watch Dogs, Sims 4 (only a little and I would link it, but it is extremely NSFW) and starting a couple of new things like this and this.

In the course of the six months (6…omg!) (no really, it’s now almost 9 months), some big changes happened.  I fried yet another motherboard (which made it look like a power supply issue back in July) and I spent a fortune to upgrade my computer, in August.  I played a lot of other things for a few months and then deleted my mods folder and now we are starting over.  Therefore, a lot of CC went missing and I need to gather the daddy CC up and the kids will need makeovers.

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