1.3: Growing Up and Saying Goodbye

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Welcome back!  Last time triplets were born, the twins aged up and we got our first potential heiress to top it all off.  Today, we will be having five birthdays and then it will be time to say goodbye to Jack, who I will miss.

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1.0: Meet Ivory, Jack and Baby 1

Welcome to my version of a 100 Baby Challenge/Perfect Genetics Challenge mashup.  I got the idea from Our Last Hope, which is in generation 3, I believe.

Ivory was born into a world of white.  She was abandoned at birth due to a genetic mixup.  Instead of being “pure” white like the rest of the world, she was pink.  Now that she was an adult, it was time for some payback.  She plans to populate the world with more color.  One baby at a time.

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