This is going to be my take on Our Last Hope by Berry.  This is a Rainbow 100bc.

I am looking for 5 male sims in  each of the following colors. (Yes that is 50 total sims).


Gen. 1: Pink
Gen. 2: Purple
Gen. 3: Blue
Gen. 4. Yellow
Gen. 5. Green

Bright colors – Can be bright/neon in color.

Gen. 6: Orange
Gen. 7: Blood Red
Gen. 8: Electric Blue
Gen. 9: Neon Green
Gen. 10: Neon Pink

How does this work?
Well, the founder has pink hair and skin to start.  The heiress will have to have mom’s hair and skin and the dad’s eyes.  In generation 2, the heiress will keep her dad’s eye color, but the hair and skin will switch to the next color.  The next heiress will have mom’s hair and skin and the new dad’s eye color.

Each generation will have two pregnancies per daddy.  Multiples are a must, so fertility treatment and kids music/tv will be blasting at all times.

In the event of multiple heiresses, there will be a vote.  In the case of no heiresses, the girl with white hair and skin with the current required colored eyes would take over (or go to a vote if there are multiple).  While Berry only has girls in hers (I have no clue how to even do that with multiples) mine will have boys.  The boys will not count, as only a female can take over.  They do count towards the 100 babies though.

The daddies can look however you like and be any supernatural that you like.  They can be newly created or existing sims recolored (but if you submit more than one, make sure they aren’t related).  I will need 5 white hair and skin males with pink eyes up front, just to get the thing started.

Babies will age up after birth.
Toddlers must walk, talk and potty.
Children will have 5 days.  They can age up early if they get on the honor roll.
Teens will have to move out to make room for new kids, unless they are in line to be heiress.

Fathers will move out after their offspring of the second pregnancy hit child stage.