Chapter 1.10: Vito Pinkpants

TS3 2016-07-07 11-52-12-90

Happy New Year! (LMAO! I started this updated in July 2016, came back in January and now it is March). I did not necessarily forget about these guys, I just sort of had a million other things going, like completing my ISBI, Fallout 4, FFXIV, FFXV, DA:I, Watch Dogs, Sims 4 (only a little and I would link it, but it is extremely NSFW) and starting a couple of new things like this and this.

In the course of the six months (6…omg!) (no really, it’s now almost 9 months), some big changes happened.  I fried yet another motherboard (which made it look like a power supply issue back in July) and I spent a fortune to upgrade my computer, in August.  I played a lot of other things for a few months and then deleted my mods folder and now we are starting over.  Therefore, a lot of CC went missing and I need to gather the daddy CC up and the kids will need makeovers.

TS3 2016-07-07 11-51-45-30

We ring in the New Year, with a new daddy!

TS3 2016-07-07 17-44-27-31

TS3 2016-07-07 17-44-46-23

But first, Ivory had to go and break Jazz’s heart.  It was very sad Sad smile

TS3 2016-07-07 17-48-49-00

Ivory:  Ahem…

Vito:  *gains nerd points*

TS3 2016-07-07 17-51-47-31

Ivory:  You do realize you’re hear to make babies, right?

Vito:  Of course, but shouldn’t we get to know each other better?

TS3 2016-07-07 17-55-12-50

We interrupt that riveting conversation for Chamomile to come home from school and pass out.

TS3 2016-07-07 17-56-14-99

Ivory:  I know of a great way to get to know each other better.  Follow me…

Vito:  Is that a bathroom?

Ivory:  You guessed it.

TS3 2016-07-07 18-12-58-47

Taffeta ignores the sounds from that bathroom and tries to do her homework.

Taffeta:  How many more times is this going to happen?

Just four times, I promise!

Insert six month hiatus here
Insert another 3 month hiatus here. Luckily, I have no screenshots left, so I get to play!

TS3 2017-03-26 14-29-00-97

Vito:  Many, many months ago, the dishwasher broke.  It’s still broken. Fix it.

I also recall that section of ceiling be stupid too.  The room above belongs to Orchid, so I will have to delete her floor and redo it…again.

TS3 2017-03-26 14-32-08-45

Taffeta:  Mom really netted herself a good man there.  He seems like a good catch.

Are you done yet?

TS3 2017-03-26 14-34-41-97

Taffeta:  Let me mop this up so you don’t die, mommy.

TS3 2017-03-26 14-35-11-47

Ivory:  You didn’t mop fast enough.
Taffeta:  Oops.

TS3 2017-03-26 14-36-20-29

After a shower, the second time went a lot better after having to move all the counters around for more mopping.

TS3 2017-03-26 14-36-52-68

Vito:  I suggest you do your homework.
Taffeta:  I take it back, you’re a mean man!

TS3 2017-03-26 14-38-42-03

Taffeta:  Why is this room blue?  We don’t have any boys in the house.

TS3 2017-03-26 14-39-45-67

Ivory:  Nice to meet you.  I’m your mother!
Taffeta:  Oh yay, I thought you were just a creepy stranger.

TS3 2017-03-26 14-40-32-82

Chamomile:  Hi!  I’m your big sister, Chamomile.  I also have a twin named Charmie that I’ve never met.
Taffeta:  Nice to make your acquaintance, sister.

TS3 2017-03-26 14-41-24-73

Charmie:  Hi, I’m Charmie.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to meet my twin.

OMG.  Just make it stop!

TS3 2017-03-26 14-43-05-67

Ivory and Orchid go around meeting everyone for the first time.

TS3 2017-03-26 14-44-24-34

Ivory:  Hello daughter that I gave birth to, raised, and now have never met.

We won’t go through the fact that she had to greet 14 total kids because her friendship panel was EMPTY.  Everyone’s friend panels are empty.

TS3 2017-03-26 14-52-42-95

Jack:  I have this feeling that I know you from somewhere.
Ivory:  According to the birth announcements, we have five kids together.
Jack:  Oh, I do wish I could remember making those babies with you, hot stuff.

TS3 2017-03-26 14-50-38-95


Don’t tell anyone, but I let her kiss him.

TS3 2017-03-26 14-54-49-87

Jazzberry:  How dare you forget that we had children together. Or that you just recently dumped me.
Ivory:  So, you do remember me and our children?
Jazzberry:  Well, no, but my hair got lost and I’m super angry right now.

TS3 2017-03-26 14-56-39-14

Jazzberry:  It’s not the correct hair, dumbass.  Now I’m angrier.

TS3 2017-03-26 15-01-38-18

Back over at the first house she visited, Cinder gives birth to a baby boy named Branden (who’s spelling really needs to be corrected).

TS3 2017-03-26 15-02-18-10

Ivory heads over to greet her second grandchild.  He’s adorable.

TS3 2017-03-26 15-04-20-29

Ivory:  So, I think we got pregnant like 9 years ago.
Vito:  I wish I could remember that.
Ivory:  Me too.

TS3 2017-03-26 15-10-42-61

I can’t believe we left off at birthdays though.  Only one got to roll their new trait though.

TS3 2017-03-26 15-16-06-46


TS3 2017-03-26 15-45-46-55

Aging Template

Ivory immediately wants to teach both to drive.

TS3 2017-03-26 15-46-24-98

Vito skips the cake and party to play in the sand.

TS3 2017-03-26 15-51-52-55

I thought she was never going to pop.

TS3 2017-03-26 15-52-44-07

Charmie went to bed, so Chamomile learns to drive first.

TS3 2017-03-26 15-53-23-29

Orchid and Taffeta talk about their favorite colors while re-befriending each other.

TS3 2017-03-26 15-55-51-75

They all play dominoes and prove to me that Charmie was not asleep.

TS3 2017-03-26 15-58-24-72

They never did finish the game though.

TS3 2017-03-26 16-00-24-71

Ivory:  It’s br-
Orchid:  I’m on it, quit freaking out.

TS3 2017-03-26 16-01-48-52

Ivory:  I’ll just sit in my rocker and watch you then.
Orchid:  Yay…not.

TS3 2017-03-26 16-14-24-06

45 minutes of Google just to figure out how to do the pictures again.  Not to self:  Jock level 2+.

TS3 2017-03-26 16-17-24-92

Taffeta:  The sooner I get on the honor roll, the sooner I can get out of here.

TS3 2017-03-26 16-17-37-07

The wall is still intact, but then I had an even better idea.

TS3 2016-07-07 11-51-45-30

Vito:  Soon, my children will be on the wall.
Yes, which reminds me that it is photo time!

TS3 2017-03-26 16-20-00-41

LOL  No matter what I tried, Ivory could not initiate the photo, so Vito had to do it.

TS3 2017-03-26 16-28-00-15

Now the photos are in order of birth after their parent’s pictures.  Potential heiresses, Hyacinth and Orchid, are listed last with a selfie with Ivory.

TS3 2017-03-26 16-30-05-58

Charmie heads off to drive.

TS3 2017-03-26 16-31-57-74

Someone gifted the family with the digital photo frame, so now all pictures are in this slideshow.

TS3 2017-03-26 16-39-50-39

No honor roll and it’s a three day weekend (Spooky day), so Taffeta Grace ends her childhood today.

TS3 2017-03-26 16-53-59-70

Taffeta Grace

Gorgeous girl!

TS3 2017-03-26 16-55-03-03

Charmie:  I am going to have to work out all night after eating this cake.
Taffeta:  I’m just going to read a book while it digests.

TS3 2017-03-26 16-55-20-02

Ivory:  My hand is stuck in the laundry holding posi—CAKE!

TS3 2017-03-26 16-55-31-88

Charmie:  I might just go puke this cake up and save my energy.

I just noticed how big she was.  I bet the baby comes at any time.

TS3 2017-03-26 16-56-02-84

Ivory:  But I want cake!
I didn’t realize it was coming that fast!

TS3 2017-03-26 17-15-56-49


It’s a single baby boy who looks almost exactly like Vito.  What a cutie!

TS3 2017-03-26 17-16-52-78

Since there is only one, Ivory and Vito got started on the second pregnancy and then she starts Denim on his skills.

I am so sorry for the long delay!  Now that the Tart’s are done and I have very little going on in the way of games, I should be able to come by the family a bit more often.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 1.10: Vito Pinkpants

  1. Aw, Denim is adorable. And Taffeta, wow! Your sims are usually gorgeous, but she’s another level.

    I love the photo wall, great idea. Hopefully we get some more heiress options soon, get listening to that kids music, Ivory!


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