Chapter 1.9: Results and Goodbyes


TS3 2016-07-03 12-03-54-61TS3 2016-07-03 11-53-25-93

Welcome back!  Last time we met Ivory and Jack’s first grandchild, Francesca.  We also had a poll battle between Hyacinth and Orchid for the chance to be heiress (the results are in!).  We saw the twins, Charm and Chamomile become big girls, which was soon followed by the birth of our first singleton, Taffeta Grace.

TS3 2016-07-03 12-23-59-18

Hyacinth has been taking selfies with Mom and Orchid.  She had graduated with honors last chapter and voted “Most likely to fulfill their LTW”.  I hope she can do that out in the world.  She is still the only one who had a prom, and was voted prom queen.

TS3 2016-07-03 12-27-13-14

In other news, we find out that Peach is so bad at games, that she has to play with a toddler to win.

TS3 2016-07-03 12-33-29-92

Cherry got home from her first day of work and spent the rest of the day in front of the tv.

TS3 2016-07-03 12-36-20-61

Upstairs, faced with the choice of reading a bedtime story or potty training, Ivory chose the bedtime story.  Orchid was tasked with the potty training since Jazz was still at work.

Ivory:  It’s good practice!
Orchid:  Ew.

TS3 2016-07-03 13-34-31-73

Chamomile:  Mommy!  I can’t reach you!
Ivory:  Orchid, you’re supposed to potty train her, not make her cry.
Orchid:  Will you shut up and pee?

TS3 2016-07-03 13-37-22-74

Somehow Orchid convinced Taffy to keep trying and she finally got the job done and earned a well deserved nap.

TS3 2016-07-03 17-19-26-46

Chamomile:  Huck, I need a bedtime story!
Huck:  It’s 7:30 in the morning, Cham.  I need to get my homework done before the bus.  Go ask someone else.

TS3 2016-07-03 17-25-08-40

Charmie:  The bus isn’t here yet, is it?
Chamomile: Nope.
Charmie:  Then were are you going?
Cham:  Over here to pass out.

TS3 2016-07-03 17-28-56-08

Peach:  Look at her.  She’s passed out with her eyes open.
Charmie:  How creepy!
Peach:  I hope she moves soon.  I can’t get to the bus with her blocking the door.
Charmie:  Well, we could go out one of the side doors.
Peach:  Nah.  Let’s just stand here and route fail and cry.
Charmie:  Okay.

TS3 2016-07-03 17-35-38-39

You’re just gonna have to finish it at school, Huck.
Huck:  Damn.  I better not be late again.

TS3 2016-07-03 17-38-26-84

TS3 2016-07-03 17-38-52-31

Jazz: Pipe down, I’m right here with your bottle.

TS3 2016-07-03 17-40-55-67

Taffy:  Tanka, daddy.

TS3 2016-07-03 17-42-20-41

I was quite surprised to see Orchid show up to feed Taffy.  She ended up going to do laundry since Jazz took care of the bottle.

TS3 2016-07-03 17-46-51-21

Jazz:  Let’s start with the word, “Homework”.  In just a little while, you will be going to school and doing your homework.
Taffy:  No homework!
Jazz:  Yes, homework.  And if you have trouble, I’m just a phone call away.

TS3 2016-07-03 17-49-11-81

Taffy:  Doggie eat homework.
Jazz:  We don’t have a doggie, baby.
Taffy:  I can have doggie?

TS3 2016-07-03 17-50-16-49

Jazz:  No, you can’t have a doggie.
Taffy: *sniffle*  Pleease, daddy?

TS3 2016-07-03 17-51-29-92

Jazz:  I won’t be here long enough to get you a doggie.  How about I get one at my new house and you can come visit all the time?
Taffy:  I go with you and doggie?
Jazz:  Not until you have a few birthdays.

TS3 2016-07-03 17-53-30-23

Taffy:  I want doggie now!

TS3 2016-07-03 17-57-29-62

Not sure what is going on here.

TS3 2016-07-03 17-58-51-04

Ivory:  You are quickly becoming my least favorite kid.
Peach:  Like I care.

Ahh.  Peach is in a mood swing.

TS3 2016-07-03 18-23-37-06

There are seven unused desks, why don’t you use one?
Peach:  If I wanted to use one, I would have.  Now buzz off.

*I’m so glad it’s her birthday*

TS3 2016-07-03 18-29-22-47

Jazz:  I’m leaving and taking Taffy with me.
Oh no you’re not!  You still got some time left in the house.

TS3 2016-07-03 18-31-16-22

Well lookie who learned to walk while we were witnessing Peach’s attitude problem.

TS3 2016-07-03 18-43-09-26

It was Cherry’s work day, so the cakes were held back to wait for her to come home.  She ran off to do her homework before I even knew she was home.

TS3 2016-07-03 18-44-46-43

She is so stinkin’ adorable.  Sadly, no one has had IF’s since Jack’s kids were toddlers.  I wonder why that is?

Taffy is ready for her birthday now too.

Update: After her birthday, Ivory checked the mail and Taffy got an IF.  I guess they only show up if you have SP turned on.

TS3 2016-07-03 18-50-20-51

Huck:  Yay! Birthday!
Peach:  Just hurry up already.

TS3 2016-07-03 18-58-30-74

Cherry:  I’m not ready to adult!

TS3 2016-07-03 18-58-38-94

Peach:  Well I am, so get a move on.

TS3 2016-07-03 18-59-13-80

Jazz’s elbow:  Oops, am I in the way?

TS3 2016-07-03 20-18-41-25

#9 Cherry Freeze – Green Thumb, Easily Impressed, Cat Person, Good, and Handy.

TS3 2016-07-03 20-21-12-04

#10 Peach Blizzard – Loves the Cold, Equestrian, Hot Headed, Adventurous, and Night owl.

TS3 2016-07-03 20-18-22-74

#11 Huckleberry Glaze – Neat, Virtuoso, Family Oriented, Brave, and Absent Minded.

All three witnessed a Paparazzi die as children and they all rolled Law Enforcement LTW.

TS3 2016-07-03 20-24-28-91

God, I wish they had different faces they could make.  But damn, the lip on Peach cracked me up.

TS3 2016-07-03 20-31-54-88

All of the girls hugged Jazz goodbye.

TS3 2016-07-03 20-34-30-91

TS3 2016-07-03 20-34-39-33

(it’s very bright near all the elevators)

Ivory and Jazz got their picture done for the memory wall.

TS3 2016-07-03 20-34-46-71

Ivory:  I’m really glad to have gotten to know you and I thank you so much for helping me with my goal.
Jazz:  You’re very welcome and I look forward to visiting.

TS3 2016-07-03 20-44-05-24

Family tree was updated.  I just made the new background before starting this play session.  I need to make an updated one, but I’m too lazy tonight.  I’ll do it in time for Daddy #4.

TS3 2016-07-03 20-50-41-84

With only five people in the house, it was a lot easier to find and have Orchid repair everything that had died.

TS3 2016-07-03 20-59-39-34

Ooh Taffy is well on her way to becoming a knockout.

#14 Taffeta Grace – Friendly, Grumpy, and Bookworm.


Hyacinth, Huckleberry, Peach, Cherry and Jazz all moved out.  Jazz lives alone and was given some cash to live on.  Peach, Cherry and Huck all moved in with Cumulus.  I gave him $100,000 per child so that when I turn SP on again ,everyone can move to their own house.  Hyacinth moved in with Jack who got the same deal as Cumulus.  Hyacinth will remain not aging and will not be allowed to have a romance.  If something happens and Orchid dies or something, Hyacinth will come back to be the heiress.

I did forget to have Ivory be “Just Friends” with Jazz, so that will have to be dealt with before any hanky panky gets done.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.9: Results and Goodbyes

  1. That Jazz/Taffy conversation about puppies was such a crack up. Those two make great faces.

    I love the memory wall, great idea! The selfie photos don’t seem to disappear like WA photos do, which makes things easier when they move around.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They did disappear! I had to move everyone back in and retake them all when they landed in Moonlight Falls. I don’t think they will ever be able to move again. I really like doing that instead of portraits. LOL
      Those two were adorable together.


    • Aww thank you so much! It will be a few days before I can get your questions answered. I fried my power supply and it in turn has done something to the rest of my computer (hence my long absence). I did order my replacement parts and I am so excited to state that they will be here tomorrow. Hubby will be doing the replacements and I then have to work on the new computer for a day or two to get drivers and stuff going.


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