1.1: Mmmm, Bacon!

TS3 2016-06-07 21-12-26-52

Last time, we met Ivory, who vowed to paint the town a rainbow of colors.  Her first victim helper was Jack Pearl and they got the first pregnancy out of the way.  Now we are back after a long ass day of building this monstrosity.  I feel like I fell into a bottle of pepto.

Before we get started, I have an announcement to make.

TS3 2016-06-07 21-08-23-08

They are freakin’ poor!  There are at least 3 rooms with no wallpaper and just the free wood floors.  We will be avoiding those for now.

TS3 2016-06-07 08-30-49-23

But when you realize that even the laundry can’t pile up indoors, it was past time to rebuild.  The sad part is that Ivory only lasted five days in the old one.

TS3 2016-06-07 21-19-08-25

TS3 2016-06-07 21-35-53-76

The upside is that they can do things indoors finally.

TS3 2016-06-07 21-20-16-87

Jack is super happy to find the sonic shower that we got just for him.  It must suck being afraid of water.

TS3 2016-06-07 21-40-17-80

Cinder has no interest in talking.

TS3 2016-06-07 21-43-23-11

Azure isn’t faring much better at this point.  I wanted to do these two the old fashioned way.  Next time, we’ll just plop them in the playpen.

TS3 2016-06-07 21-55-33-68

Of course I put the potties in an unfinished room.  Luckily, it was only for a little while.

TS3 2016-06-07 21-57-46-01

Cinder:  Not sleepy!  I want play!
Ivory:  Well, mommy and daddy are sleepy.  Goodnight, precious.

TS3 2016-06-07 21-59-30-17

Mommy and daddy made time for some fun before going to bed.

I debated on when to do the second pregnancy.  I had thought to do it when the twins were child age, but then figured I would do it as soon as they were skilled up.

TS3 2016-06-07 22-44-52-06

Everyone is asleep and it’s a full moon.  I spent the night watching this guy watch Ivory and Jack sleep through the window.  Creeper!

TS3 2016-06-07 22-48-38-70

Jack sort of grossed me out this morning.  He made fried bacon and then put into the ice cream maker.  I like both items, but not together.  Yech.  Then he fried the fried bacon ice cream.  The man is a heart attack waiting to happen.

TS3 2016-06-07 22-51-29-12

Ivory:  I thought I smelled bacon ice cream!  It’s my favorite!
Jack:  Mine too!  You totally have to try it fried though!

TS3 2016-06-07 22-52-42-23

Ivory:  This is positively orgasmic.

TS3 2016-06-07 22-54-04-25

Ivory:  Carpool is here.
Jack:  But..but my ice cream!
Ivory:  I’ll be more than happy to take care of that for you.
Jack:  Back off my Double Fried Bacon Ice Cream of Doom!

TS3 2016-06-07 22-56-15-20

He looked so sad that I let him eat it before heading in to work.

Jack: MMmm Bacon!

TS3 2016-06-07 22-57-48-45

Hahaha. Serves you right.

TS3 2016-06-07 23-00-16-17

Ivy:  Time for little boys and girls to start their day!

TS3 2016-06-07 23-04-25-19

Ivory had to call a babysitter to come check out this flower.  Luckily it was a good one worth $400.

TS3 2016-06-07 23-06-16-13

Ivory:  Again?  Already?
Yep.  Now eat your watermelons.
Ivory:  Fine.
She then spent $100 on lottery tickets.
Ivory:  You better not tell Jack.

TS3 2016-06-07 23-07-28-33

TS3 2016-06-07 23-08-05-87

TS3 2016-06-07 23-13-44-20

TS3 2016-06-07 23-15-07-29

TS3 2016-06-07 23-16-15-53

Despite eating rotten ice cream and being sick the whole time, the babysitter was pretty good overall.

TS3 2016-06-07 23-19-39-07

Ivory made sure to clean up the ice cream maker and counter the minute she got home so no one else got sick.

TS3 2016-06-07 23-20-45-44

TS3 2016-06-07 23-21-03-95

The babies were happy and being cute, so Ivory left them alone and decided to start writing a book.

TS3 2016-06-07 23-41-26-44

Well, she tried to anyway.  She also got word that she did not win the lottery.

Ivory now has her fertility treatment and there is kids music blasting, so I am hoping for twins or triplets this time around.

I guess we will find out next time!

7 thoughts on “1.1: Mmmm, Bacon!

    • Hahah, disgusting isn’t it. I tried to break it up with green, but now I crave watermelons. Only 8 more pregnancies and we can get the next color though!


  1. Not sure if you mod the chance for pregnancies, but that could definitely help the chances – there is a good one on MTS. You may not have to listen to quite so much kidz music/tv that way 😉

    You’re really making me want to try this out now…like a WYDC and perfect genetics mixed!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s really fun! I’m not sure if she will end up with 100 babies, but it will be interesting to see just how many she does end up with.

      Do you have any clue what the mod is called? I’ll have to go do a search over there today.


      • Oh okay. I saw that one, but went with Cmar’s Pregnancy Controller instead since it lets you set gender. I did grab the slight higher version of the one you listed in case I don’t like the one I put in. Thanks!


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