Chapter 1.10: Vito Pinkpants

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Happy New Year! (LMAO! I started this updated in July 2016, came back in January and now it is March). I did not necessarily forget about these guys, I just sort of had a million other things going, like completing my ISBI, Fallout 4, FFXIV, FFXV, DA:I, Watch Dogs, Sims 4 (only a little and I would link it, but it is extremely NSFW) and starting a couple of new things like this and this.

In the course of the six months (6…omg!) (no really, it’s now almost 9 months), some big changes happened.  I fried yet another motherboard (which made it look like a power supply issue back in July) and I spent a fortune to upgrade my computer, in August.  I played a lot of other things for a few months and then deleted my mods folder and now we are starting over.  Therefore, a lot of CC went missing and I need to gather the daddy CC up and the kids will need makeovers.

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Chapter 1.9: Results and Goodbyes


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Welcome back!  Last time we met Ivory and Jack’s first grandchild, Francesca.  We also had a poll battle between Hyacinth and Orchid for the chance to be heiress (the results are in!).  We saw the twins, Charm and Chamomile become big girls, which was soon followed by the birth of our first singleton, Taffeta Grace.

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Elimination Poll #1

#5 Hyacinth Zest vs. #8 Orchid Slush

Elimination Poll of Generation 1.

You will have until Daddy # 4 starts to get your vote in.

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Daddy #1: Jack Pearl by thatgirlwithsims
Hyacinth spends most of her time with the kids.  She also is addicted to harassing her her mom by rubbing and talking to her belly.  Constantly.  She is baby crazy of the highest order and wants to be Surrounded By Family.  She even got a job at the local elementary school so that she could be around kids when there aren’t any at home.  She spends her free time painting and 75% of what she creates is child friendly and ends up in the nursery.

TS3 2016-06-30 11-03-04-55

Daddy #2: Cumulus Pearl (no relation to Jack) by earthqueenami
Orchid spends most of her time hiding out in the basement playing random instruments.  While not baby crazy like her Hyacinth, she does put her time in with the kids to help out her mom.  Orchid wants to be a Rock Star and will probably be allowed to either get a job in music or change her LTW to One Sim Band.